Taleh Mammadov explains the reason for ending his career

15 May 2024 17:53
Taleh Mammadov explains the reason for ending his career

"I didn't think about ending my career."

Taleh Mammadov, a former Greco-Roman wrestler of the Azerbaijan national team, told Idman.biz.

He commented on the end of his career. According to Mammadov, the reason for this was that he underwent a serious operation for an injury to his knee 8 months ago: "This injury occurs more often in football players and the recovery process takes a long time. I also could not fully recover from this injury. But now I am slowly getting better. I will help the team until the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games. But I decided to end my career in general."

He said that the number of people who like wrestling has increased in the town of Zabrat where he lives: "According to me, the number of young people who want to engage in wrestling has increased. This is a happy thing for me. I am happy if I was able to make our youth and teenagers love wrestling. For this reason, I opened a new wrestling hall in Zabrat, where I work with our youth. For now, I started my coaching activity here. If the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation invites me in the future, I am always ready to work for our national team."

It should be noted that Taleh Mammadov won a silver and bronze medal at the European Championship, and a bronze medal at the World Championship.

Banuchichek Huseynli