France set new record in 14-0 win over Gibraltar

19 November 2023 09:51
France set new record in 14-0 win over Gibraltar

The French national team set a new record in the EURO-2024 qualifying. reports that the French scored 14 goals with a clean sheet.

With this result, the French team broke 3 records in the European qualifying. The match against Gibraltar has gone down in history as the game with the most goals scored in one game. The previous record was recorded in the match between Germany and San Marino (13:0), where 13 goals were scored. With a 14:0 victory, the French team also scored the most unique victory in the European Championship cycles.

Another record of the French national team is related to Azerbaijan. The biggest victory of the French in the history happened in the game with the Azərbaijani team. In the qualifying of EURO-96, France won the match in Bordeaux with a score of 10:0. Thanks to Gibraltar, the record that has been celebrated for many years has faded into the background.