Vidal called Mkhitaryan a fool

8 January 2024 21:15
Vidal called Mkhitaryan a fool

Arturo Vidal, the former midfielder of the Italian "Inter" club, commented on the scandal between the players of "Milan" - Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. reports with reference to "sport-express" that Vidal, who called Mkhitaryan a fool, stood up for his compatriot.

The veteran footballer said that the Chilean is given little chance in the team, so he should leave "Inter": "Sanchez, how is it possible that the idiot Mkhitaryan plays instead of you every time? I am very angry about it. You shouldn't have gone back there."

It should be noted that "Inter" leads the tournament table in Serie A with 48 points.