The captain of "Azerrail": "We will only be satisfied with victory in the match with "Balta"

14 October 2023 12:43
The captain of "Azerrail": "We will only be satisfied with victory in the match with "Balta"

"We have already started preparing for the new season for 1 month and 10 days. The first two weeks we practiced on the sand. "We have 2 training sessions 3 days a week and 1 training session 3 days a week."

According to, Aynur Imanova, the captain of "Azerrail", told the club's website.

She evaluated the preparation of the Baku representative and commented on the match against "Balta" in the Challenge Cup.

The 35-year-old volleyball player said that joint training gathering and testing games with local clubs are useful for "Azerrail": "Volleyball players who have recently joined our team have defended the honor of several foreign clubs and competed in various level tournaments. Therefore, their adaptation to our team was not difficult. All in the team are professional players. We also easily implement the system applied by our new head coach. It is true that we have young players in the team, most of them are Azerbaijanis. They also try to do what the coach says, and we help them when they don't understand anything."

The captain said that only victory will satisfy "Azerrail" in the match with Ukrainian team, "Balta", within the 1/32 finals of the Challenge Cup. According to her, they don't even think about anything else: "Our main goal is to show the fans a good game. It is good for us that both matches are held in Baku. We will play both on our own territory and in front of our local fans. No matter where we play, if we are on the 9-meter field, we have to play well and win. I believe we will. I wish success to my team."

It should be noted that "Azerrail" will play with "Balta" on October 17 and 18 at the Azerbaijan Volleyball Center.