The premiere of the film dedicated to Gurban Gurbanov was held, the hero expressed: "I remembered my past" - PHOTO

27 November 2023 22:19
The premiere of the film dedicated to Gurban Gurbanov was held, the hero expressed: "I remembered my past" - PHOTO

The premiere of the movie "When the stadiums are silent" was held. reports that the sports drama dedicated to Gurban Gurbanov, a famous football player and one of the most successful coaches of Azerbaijan, was produced with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The film shows Gurbanov's life from the 80s of the 20th century, his career as a football player and his coaching activities until he reached the group stage of the Champions League.

Youth and Sports Minister Farid Gayibov, federations' management, club officials, athletes and representatives of the sports community were among those who watched the film.

At the end, the creative team of the film was introduced and their work was applauded.

The hero of the film, Gurban Gurbanov, thanked everyone who contributed. He said that there is information here that few people know: "We met only once during the shooting of the film. I didn't want such a thing to happen. In the end, such a beautiful scene appeared. I am very attached to football and sports. What is unknown to many in the film there may be moments. But it took me years ago."

His experienced coach noted that when a person suffers, God compensates him in excess: "For me, the episode about my brother Musa was more interesting. To be a good coach, you need to have a good team. Perhaps I was very lucky in this field. Good employees , I work with assistants, management, players".

Gurbanov emphasized that the state cares for all types of sports in Azerbaijan. According to him, the work of everyone who loves his profession is valued in Azerbaijan: "This was the second time for me. On my 50th birthday, Mr. President awarded me with the Order of Glory. Since Farid Gayibov became the Minister of Sports and Youth, attention and interest in this field has increased even more. I t is possible to become a doctor or a sportsman. Most importantly, patriotism is necessary to be stronger. I have always loved my family, friends, and loved ones. But believe me, I loved my Motherland more. We had victories and defeats. But we always tried to do the best."

He thanked President Ilham Aliyev for liberating Qarabag from occupation despite all difficulties:
"We already have our historical lands. Everyone is walking alone. This is more important for us."

He broke down while evaluating the episodes in the film and even paused for a few seconds in his speech.

"I have remembered my past. I believe that there will be great achievements and success in our football, which has a wounded place. I sometimes call my players warriors. Today, we want to go further with my warriors. We play from the heart, we never want to lose. Only victory suits Azerbaijan and our people."

It should be noted that the film will be shown in all cinemas from November 30.