Taleh Nasibov: "No national team wants to face us"

5 June 2024 10:18
Taleh Nasibov: "No national team wants to face us"

"Our national team has seriously prepared for the championship. The expectation was to be the leader in the group with maximum points."

Taleh Nasibov, vice-president of the Azerbaijan Minifootball Federation, told Idman.biz.

He evaluated the performance of the national team at the European Championship in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nasirov said that our mini-football players, who won all 3 victories in the group stage, did not differentiate between the opponents: "Frankly, although the last match was formal for us, we could not lose to France. The team was also tasked to win the match. Our players coped with it quite well. As far as I can see, all the teams, the teams that were weak in the last 2 years, have prepared for the competition at a high level this time. They are really good teams. No nation wants to face us. This shows that they take our team seriously and are worried. We also treat every game seriously. If the team plays the game it knows, if it comes out comfortably, if its thoughts and psychology are in the right place, we can comfortably go to the finals.

It should be noted that today Azerbaijan will face Bulgaria in the 1/8 finals. The meeting will start at 19:30.

Emin Aga