Rajab Farajzade: "If I were in his place, I would make a different choice"

1 June 2024 12:39
Rajab Farajzade: "If I were in his place, I would make a different choice"

"After the success in the last European Championship, our expectations are again a gold medal."

It was told to Idman.biz by Rajab Farajzade, the head coach of Aznur minifootball.

The former futsal player of the Azerbaijan national team announced the expectations from Azerbaijan national team at the European Championship to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He said that he has great confidence in Azerbaijan team: "This time it will be more difficult. Because everyone will prepare with double responsibility against the last European champion. But it does not change our expectations. We are waiting for the European championship. Our advantage is that Azerbaijan team gets a little stronger and increases its experience. The last Azerbaijan championship was also interesting. 8 out of 14 teams were almost good and interesting teams. I believe that Azerbaijan team will achieve new success under the leadership of Elshad Guliyev."

Farajzade also evaluated the selection for the national team: 2 people were invited from Aznur. These are Tural Mammarzayev and Kamran Gurbatov. Both have good, unique games. They are belligerent and always thinking about getting into the door. I respect the choices of the coach of the national team. Maybe if I were in his place, I would have made a different choice. Every coach has his own choice. I am of the opinion that the strong are gathered in the national team. I hope that the players of Azerbaijan team will justify their trust and fight well."

It should be noted that Azerbaijan will compete against Belgium, Italy and France in the European Championship. Elshad Guliyev's team will play their first game against Belgium on June 2.

Emin Agha