POST about the return of Mahir Emreli

19 May 2024 17:11
POST about the return of Mahir Emreli

"I was excited to come out after five months." reports that it was said by Mahir Emreli, the striker of the Azerbaijan national team.

The 26-year-old football player commented on his appearance in the team of Dinamo Zagreb after a long time. He posted about it on his personal Instagram page: "It is a very pleasant feeling to play and win after a long time. I express my gratitude to everyone for your incredible support."

It should be noted that Emreli returned to the square after about 5 months. He appeared in the 46th minute of the game against Slaven in the 35th round of the Croatian championship. The game ended with a 3:2 victory for Mahir's team.