Football player wearing more than one hat: "It was not possible to play in big teams" - INTERVIEW

18 May 2024 13:21
Football player wearing more than one hat: "It was not possible to play in big teams" - INTERVIEW

Interview with by Djomerd Bakhshaliyev, a player of Real Baku in the Minifootball League, Baku Sporting in the II Football League and the Azerbaijan national team in beach soccer.

- In addition to big football, you practice mini-football and beach football. Isn't it difficult to wear more than one hat?

- We haven't practiced beach football since September. Because the season has stopped and our training has not yet resumed. That's why I turned to other types. My main job is in the Baku Sporting club, which plays in the II League. We had dozens of trainings throughout the year. We joined mini-football later. Since there are games there once a week, players competing in the II League have the opportunity to practice mini-football. That's why I play there once a week. In any case, this does not count as holding 3 watermelons in 1 hand (laughs).

- We became champions with Baku Sporting. You scored a goal and went to the bronze medal match of Real Baku in AML. There was a short time in between. How did you get yourself into the game?

- We had little time after the end of the game. But we managed to deliver ourselves. I wasn't the only one. I have other teammates from Baku Sporting who play in AML. There were those who were my rivals. We all went together and delivered ourselves with very little time left in the game.

- We finished the season with medals in 2 separate tournaments. How does it feel to win 2 medals in one year?

- We worked hard at Baku Sporting throughout the season. Our goal was to become the champion. Thankfully, we made it. We also won a bronze medal in mini football. This is also a success. No athlete works without a goal. My goal was to finish the season on a high level. Of course, I am very happy.

- You don't have much experience. You mainly played in lower leagues. What prevented you from playing in the High League?

- I played most of my career in lower leagues. It was luck and fate that it was not possible to play in big teams. One of the obstacles is that if you play in the lower leagues, you don't get the attention of clubs that play in the Premier League. Also, I was playing beach soccer in the division. I have been a member of the national team for 15 years. I can say that I am only rooting for beach soccer.

- You are 36 years old. Are you thinking of saying goodbye to football?

- I have no intention of saying goodbye yet. I feel good. I want to win new successes. I want to play at least 2 more years.

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