Temkin Khalilzade is waiting for an offer: "We can sit and talk" – INTERVIEW - VIDEO

15 May 2024 11:15
Temkin Khalilzade is waiting for an offer: "We can sit and talk" – INTERVIEW - VIDEO

Birbasha Baku player Temkin Khalilzade's interview to Idman.biz

- You won the Mini Football League for the first time with Birbasha Baku by beating Aznur 5:2 in the final of the 2023/24 season. What are your impressions?

- I am very happy. We saw the benefits of our 9, 10 months of suffering. I am double time happy that I had a small affect in the victory. We won the cup we deserved. I have so many emotions that I can't express because of excitement. I want to taste the victory.

- In the final, it seems like you won an easy victory...

- No, I wouldn't say that. Aznur was one of the ambitious teams in this championship. They kept Zira, one of our main rivals, out of the way without conceding a ball in 2 games. That's why we took the game very seriously. They even scored the first goal. But later we found strength and turned the game in our favor. It was a difficult match. It may look easy from scratch.

- You seem to be in good shape. Thinking about returning to senior football?

- Of course, I want to. Temkin Khalilzade did not say goodbye to big football. If there is a proposal for discretion, we can sit down and talk. I am always waiting for an offer.

- Then there are no suggestions?

- No, there were offers. This continued until the last 4-5 months. But in recent months, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe after the season is over.

- Does the League make a difference?

- There is a difference in the league I will play in. Offers are still coming from the I and II Leagues. But I don't want to.

Emin Aga