Rovshan Huseynli: "We have nothing to lose" - INTERVIEW

12 April 2024 15:09
Rovshan Huseynli: "We have nothing to lose" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Azerbaijan national futsal player Rovshan Huseynli to

- ⁠On April 14 and 16, our national team will play two friendly matches with the Georgian national team in Tbilisi. What are your expectations from this match?

- We are preparing for these games with all our strength. Such friendly matches are important for us in terms of results. Because the qualifying round of the European Championship is coming. I think that the friendly match will give us tactical experience. It is also important for the new players joining the squad to show themselves. We will do our best to fight well.

- How are the preparations for the friendly match going?

- We started training camps from April 8. We prepare once or twice a day. Today is our final training. The team that will go to Georgia will be announced in a few hours. We prepare as much as possible in minimum time.

- The team is dominated by young players. Will this not cause difficulties in the fight against the Georgian national team?

- The game will show this. But of course it will be difficult. We will make mistakes. But even the most experienced players can make mistakes. Inevitably, excitement will be high. Because we have young people in the squad who will suddenly go to a friendly game that affects the rating. Wearing the uniform of the national team is a thrill in itself. Of course, we have nothing to lose here. Everything that happens is in our favor. All this is better for the development of futsal.

- What do you think about the Georgian national team?

- ⁠Until this time, they had more legions like us. But now two teams of the same character will fight on the field. A very different game awaits us.

- It is said that a new era has begun in the team. This time more young people have been given a place in the national team. How did you welcome this step?

- Beautiful, ideal and a step we wanted has come true. It's something we've been wanting for years. We really wanted local players to be given more importance in our national team. It is true that there were locals in our team. But we have already reached such a time that only young people are given importance. It is possible that we will not be able to give results for one or two years. But after a long time, we will have a permanent staff. Even so, we will be able to achieve the desired result.

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