Scary memories of Maxim Medvedev

1 April 2024 13:38
Scary memories of Maxim Medvedev

The most undesirable opponent of Qarabag captain Maksim Medvedev has been revealed. reports that the experienced defender announced it in an interview with the Russian media.

Maksim clarified the name of the most difficult opponent he faced during his national and club career: "I would only name Eden Hazard. I played against Carrasco, Pedro and others. But Hazard is the only player I could not stop. I did not know which leg, which side he would hold. He is just a phenomenal football player."

Medvedev also spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo: "Ronaldo and I understood that our task is to knock the ball away from his feet. Because of his height, no matter how fast he is, it is possible to read his movements. It is impossible with Azar. His height is small, his feet are fast, I could not count my steps to determine where he was going. It was sad how he "swayed" me from side to side. But I understood that I was playing against Azar. He appeared in the second half, by that time I had run the whole match and my legs were not listening to me. That's why my scariest memories are related to Azar."

Medvedev also mentioned that he has never met Lionel Messi: "Of course, I would like to play against him. Unfortunately, we won't be playing anymore. Because Messi will not come to Europe. But it's okay, I played with most of the big players."

It should be noted that Maxim has been wearing the uniform of Qarabag since 2006.