Tabriz Hasanov: "Qarabag is like the German team of Azerbaijan Championship" - VIDEO

16 March 2024 14:29
Tabriz Hasanov: "Qarabag is like the German team of Azerbaijan Championship" - VIDEO

"Qarabag left the Europa League head on."

This was said by Tabriz Hasanov, the former player of Qarabag, who was a guest of Idman Bizde program.

The 57-year-old specialist commented on the performance of Qarabag in the Europa League this season. He said that the confident play of the Azerbaijani champion will give a great impetus to the country's football: "Other teams will already think. A new era will begin in our football. The new president who will come to AFFA will have his own plans. It seems to me that those who want to get closer to Qarabag. We will have 2-3 more clubs that want to follow their path. This must be done. If the Aghdam club can do it, others can do it too. There is not a big difference between the budgets of our clubs. It is necessary to do things properly and bring them to that level. It would be very good if we play against more than 1 European clubs."

Hasanov also stressed that Gurban Gurbanov's team, which said goodbye to the Europa League, will have difficulties in terms of motivation: "The Europa League took Qarabag very far. They made a big difference in the Azerbaijan championship. It is possible that from now on, Gurban Gurbanov will give more chances to those who play less. And vice versa. It's possible. Due to the difference in points, things are easy. Qarabag is like the German team of the Azerbaijan championship. It doesn't look at the opponent, it scores as many goals as it can. It's actually good. You have to go to every match at a high level. You shouldn't feel sorry for the opponent in front of you."

It should be noted that Qarabag lost 5:4 to Bayer in the Europa League round of 16 and bid farewell to the tournament.

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