Juninho: "Those statements have no effect on me or our players" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

21 February 2024 14:41
Juninho: "Those statements have no effect on me or our players" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

"Tomorrow will be an interesting game."

Idman.biz reports that this was said by Olavio Juninho, the player of Qarabag.

The Brazilian striker took part in the press conference dedicated to the match of the Europa League playoffs against Braga to be held tomorrow. The scorer of the Premier League evaluated the preparation for the return match: "We have prepared well. It will be a serious game. Our opponent is a very strong team. We have seriously prepared for the match. They started the season in the Champions League, now they continue in the Europa League. This shows that they are dangerous. We will play in front of our home fans. This is an important factor. I hope it will be an interesting game."

- In the first match, Qarabag won with a score of 4:2. What should you pay more attention to in the response game to name the stage?

- Small details can decide the fate of the game. We just have to pay attention to it. Also, playing in front of home fans is an added advantage for us.

- How do you expect Braga to play in Baku? In your opinion, did Qarabag manage to surprise the opponent?

- In my opinion, Qarabag did not surprise Braga. Because they knew us, they knew how strong we are and they expected us to play this game. Probably, tomorrow will have their own strategies.

- You have moved from a different club. Are you aware that you are participating in another competition? If you qualify, will it really be a historic achievement?

- It's true, I'm really aware. Qarabag has been participating in European Cups for many years and has experience. From the moment I arrived, I adapted to the team. There is the coaching factor and the sitting staff. I believe that tomorrow will be an interesting game and we will make the fans happy.

- Do the comments of the opposing players and the head coach "We must win" give you additional motivation?

- ⁠Generally, the team atmosphere is good. Our players are focused on the return game. Such statements have no effect on me or our other players. Although we won away, it was still a very difficult game for both teams.

- Which team is likely to win at home?

- Some result is expected here. I rate the chances 50/50. A 4:2 win doesn't mean everything.
It should be noted that the match between Qarabag and Braga to be held tomorrow will start at 21:45.

Banuchichek Huseynli