Gurban Gurbanov: "I said that he will get 100 manats as a bonus"

4 November 2023 20:41
Gurban Gurbanov: "I said that he will get 100 manats as a bonus"

"Recently, there was psychological tension in the team. But we were able to recover. I congratulate my team." informs that the head coach of "Qarabag" Gurban Gurbanov said this at the press conference held after the match with "Kapaz".

An experienced specialist said that such significant results were recorded in football after the 7:1 victory in the 12th round of the Azerbaijan Premier League. According to Gurbanov, "Kepaz" will get out of a difficult situation: "The position of the rival team in the tournament table is not encouraging. We won a big victory today. Such results happen in football. After that, if they perform successfully, it is possible to change many things for the better. I believe in Azar. In the first round, we drew with the score of 1:1, "Kapaz" won against "Neftchi" and tied with "Sabah". They received points from teams playing for the championship. So they have potential. It is a lane of failure and they will get out of it."

Gurbanov spoke about Yassin Benzia, who scored a hat-trick in the game against Kapaz. The head coach said that he will give him a bonus of 100 manats for this success, as a joke: "The more goals and assists a football player has, the more it gives him confidence and encourages him. We had a quick conversation in the locker room before coming here. Players said that Benzia scored a hat-trick for the first time. I also said that there will be a bonus of 100 manats. They laughed. But I will reward a little more. Hitting a hat trick sometimes has positive and negative effects on the player. Benzia is experienced and this will be the benefit of goals for him to get in good shape."