Arif Asadov explained the Biasi’s perennial kick: "This was caused by his weal..." - INTERVIEW

17 November 2023 11:35
Arif Asadov explained the Biasi’s perennial kick: "This was caused by his weal..." - INTERVIEW

The interview of Arif Asadov, coach of the Azerbaijan national football team, to website

- The Azerbaijan national team defeated the Swedish national team with a score of 3:0 in the EURO-2024 qualifying. How would you rate the match?

- This was our last game at home. The team was determined to win the match. Because, considering the last matches, the team's self-confidence has increased. That's why the match started as we wanted. We had analyzed the opponent well, we knew their strengths and weaknesses. The 2 goals we scored in the first minutes gave the team more motivation. Even for a long time, the national team performed on the field with 10 people. But despite this, the team completed the task until the end. We changed the tactical plan, mainly based our game on the counter-attack. A big thank you goes to our players who did their best and satisfied our fans by winning a great victory.

- The 3rd goal of Azerbaijan was excellent. What do you think about the exact and brilliant shot by Emin Mahmudov from the center?

- Emin's third goal made us even more relaxed. Of course, this was a perfect goal and put an end to everything.

- Head coach Gianni de Biasi experienced a weird goal celebration, he kicked you...

- During the match we are always counselling with each other. There was a minority, a decision had to be made immediately. That's why we had a discussion. In the end, our thoughts coincided. This was caused by his weal after the changes we made, the team was able to score a goal. De Biasi was so happy that our last advice really paid off. This decision affected the team very well.

- On November 19, the Azerbaijani national team will be the guest of the Belgian national team at the "King Baudouin" Stadium. What are your expectations from that match?

- The opponent is the Belgian team, which is first in the world rankings. But we continue our training. Currently, the team is recovering after yesterday's game. In the afternoon we will leave for Belgium. It is planned to take points from this game. The team has already been fully formed. The team will also make some changes, albeit mandatory. Because Ramil Sheydayev received 3 yellow cards, and Bahlul Mustafazada received a red card. Therefore, they will be replaced by other players.

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