Gurban Gurbanov: "I have no doubt that my players will be able to handle it"

8 November 2023 19:29
Gurban Gurbanov: "I have no doubt that my players will be able to handle it"

"We will play against a very serious team. We will try to make our fans satisfied with the game." reports that this was said by the head coach of "Qarabag" Gurban Gurbanov before the 4th round match of the European League group stage against "Bayer".

He said that even though they were defeated by a big score in Leverkusen, the players did not lose motivation: "We did not prepare for the game today. We just have to play very dynamically against Bayer and be careful. They have very good game philosophies, players who execute it well. We want to play a good, hard-fought game tomorrow in front of our fans. I have no doubt that my players will be able to handle it."

Gurbanov also explained how the Victory Day celebrated today can affect his players in the match that will take place tomorrow: "Our players will inevitably want to win more. Sometimes such factors have the opposite effect on football players. Therefore, our focus should be on the opponent. If we are too aggressive, eager, it can hinder us. I would like our mood today not to affect the game."

The experienced specialist attributed Bayer's failure to train in Baku to the opponent's long trip and busy schedule.

Gurbanov said that there will be changes compared to the first game: "There will be changes and additional tasks during the game. I believe it will be useful. Last year we got out of the group in the Conference League. Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don't. This does not mean that we prepare well for the first games and not for the next one. If we have a chance, we try to make the most of it. All teams have a chance today. Because we will still have games with each other. We analyze our work last year and this year. If we have a chance, we will get good results in the last matches by analyzing correctly."

It should be noted that the game "Qarabag" - "Bayer" will start on November 9 at 21:45.