Siyasat Askerov appealed to football fans: "We can write history"

28 October 2023 10:33
Siyasat Askerov appealed to football fans: "We can write history"

"We knew the game would be intense. I had analyzed the game of the Faroe Islands well. Although they lost all the matches, they were not much weaker than the others."

Siyasat Asgarov, head coach of Azerbaijan women's national team, told

He commented on his team's game against the Faroe Islands in the III round of the UEFA Nations League. Askerov said that their good analysis of the opponent's strengths played a role in their victory with a score of 2:1: "The girls also performed the tasks correctly. Our team started the game well and the progress was in our favor. We knew that if we scored a goal, the opponent would create gaps. And so it happened. As a result, we scored twice and won."

The head coach did not single out anyone in his team. According to him, the national team played well as a team: "Football players have shown desire and character for 3 games. I think we made a mistake as a team in the goal we conceded."

The next game will be against Montenegro. Askerov evaluated the match in total: "If we defeat them, we will ensure our exit from the group to a large extent. From the beginning, we have set ourselves a goal, to get out of the group. Montenegro also won the last game. They already have 6 points and will come to Baku to win."

Askerov also appealed to Azerbaijani football fans: "I invite all people who are fans of Azerbaijani football and work in the field of football to the stadium. They should be with our team in the next game and support us. This will be a great incentive for us. We can write history. We are making good progress. Let's reach our goal. Not much left".

It should be noted that the match between Azerbaijan and Montenegro will be held on October 31 at "Dalga Arena". The match will start at 16:00.

Emin Aga