Nazim Suleymanov: "Ulduz" has a great impact to the development of the country's football

23 October 2023 15:54
Nazim Suleymanov: "Ulduz" has a great impact to the development of the country's football

"The more academies we have, the greater the development in football will be. This has a great impact to the development of football in the country." reports that Nazim Suleymanov, the founder of "Ulduz" Football Academy, said this while talking about the newly created club.

He is sure that the establishment of children's academies will directly boost the development of the Azerbaijani football: "We have few academies. Even when there was a state plan, we should have created academies in the regions. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. It is true that "Gabala" has an academy, before "Baku" had one. But it fell apart. I thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for supporting us. I believe that this academy will raise famous players in the future in accordance with its name. Our goal is to educate children. We will try to ensure that our children have a good education first. We will implement some projects over time."

Suleymanov also evaluated the recent performances of the national team in the qualifying round of EURO-2024: "The team belongs to all of us. This is not Gianni de Biasi's team. I do not find the results satisfactory. Hopefully, it should improve over time. If a house has a solid foundation, it will stand firm. Children's football needs a lot of attention and care. After this happens, development will take place."

The former player of the team also spoke about the game that "Qarabag" will play against "Bayer" in the European League: "Qarabag" is always a winning team for us. Even if he is defeated, he is considered a winner. We are always ready to support them."

It should be noted that Nazim Suleymanov is the founder of the "Ulduz" Football Academy and the head coach of the "Iravan" club, which plays in the I League.

Emin Aga