Aykhan Abbasov: "You shouldn't fan the flame"

24 February 2024 18:23
Aykhan Abbasov: "You shouldn't fan the flame"

"We wanted to win on our own field. I thank my players for fighting until the end and not giving up".

Idman.biz reports that Aykhan Abbasov, head coach of Turan Tovuz, said this.

After the home game against Neftchi of the XXIV round of the Azerbaijan Premier League, the expert who participated in the press conference evaluated the meeting: "Our fans make every opponent feel the trip to Tovuz. Both teams wanted to win today. The opponent has players with good individual qualities. I don't know how they draw the offside line in VAR. Filip Ozobic was in front. It was important not to lose in the meeting with Neftchi. The fight in the championship is getting tougher. We want to be in this tension until the end".

Abbasov also spoke about the competition in the team: "I have difficulty in building the team for the match. There is good competition in the team. The players who were not in the main squad were also very willing. Those who entered the square later gave their lives. So should the team. There will be rotations in the upcoming matches. I thank the head coach of Neftchi. He is a very cultured person. The judge thought we were arguing. We wanted to give the players a spirit of victory. We didn't want to lose. Players who did not play in their club last year were invited to the national team. Football players from clubs in the lower levels are not paid attention to. I hope the new head coach will pay attention to this. National doors should be open to everyone. Agil Mammadov said that something was thrown at Gara Garayev's head. I told him we saw it. We managed to calm the fans and the situation, you shouldn't fan the flame".

It should be noted that Turan Tovuz drew with Neftchi - 1:1.