Gurban Gurbanov: "We should avoid falling to the euphoria of victory" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

16 February 2024 09:20
Gurban Gurbanov: "We should avoid falling to the euphoria of victory" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

"We won with a score of 4:2, but this does not reflect the true power of the opponent." reports that this was said by the head coach of Qarabag Gurban Gurbanov, who won 4:2 against Braga in the first match of the European League play-off stage.

The experienced expert said that the representative of Portugal is a dangerous team and the fate of the stage will be clarified in the return match: "I congratulate the players. Our opponents had fast and dangerous counter-attacks. The players performed excellently. This score does not mean passing the stage in the game with teams like Braga. There is a return match in Baku, and we have to be careful. The opponent plays in a strong championship, but this factor does not show that we are weak. Such victories give great confidence to Qarabag and Azerbaijani football. The players showed a lot of determination."

- Are you not worried that this result will affect the players?

- That’s right, I am a bit worried, the result may affect the players. I understand everyone, but we have to be careful. The opponent is a team like Braga.

- Did they expect such a result from Azerbaijan?

- Considering the position of Braga in world football and the championship it plays, this should be accepted as normal. Those who know me know that I do not like to make predictions. I think the odds are still even. In history, there have been many teams that have lost at home and won away in the return match. We must take the return match seriously and avoid falling to the euphoria of victory.

- The young player Nariman Hasanzade could not score the 5th goal in the last seconds and was crying because of that. Did you talk to him?

- So far, I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him. I did not see Nariman in the dressing room. After missing the goal, he started crying on the field. We believe in him and he has time to develop.