Aykhan Abbasov: "Alex Souza behaves like he is from Tovuz"

13 February 2024 19:00
Aykhan Abbasov: "Alex Souza behaves like he is from Tovuz"

"It was a tense game. We wanted to continue our streak in the home game."

Idman.biz reports that Aykhan Abbasov, head coach of Turan Tovuz, said this.

He expressed his thoughts on the home game of the XXII round of the Azerbaijan Premier League with Gabala at the press conference: "I want to thank the fans, they were great today. They presented as the 12th player. There was a bit of pressure on the players. We can be at higher levels. We tried to control the game in this match. I can slowly see what I want on the field."

Abbasov touched on the development of the Tovuz representative: "If we analyze correctly, we will see that we have made progress as a club. The players have already taken the pressure off themselves. We play as home team in our own field. Our plan is to move forward step by step. It takes time. We conceded an unnecessary goal today. We wanted to transfer Alex Souza in the summer. It didn't work that time. He behaves like he is from Tovuz."

It should be noted that Turan Tovuz won 2:1 in the home game.