AFFA punished Maksim Medvedev

8 February 2024 14:52
AFFA punished Maksim Medvedev

A meeting of the Disciplinary Committee of AFFA was held. reports that the meeting discussed what happened in the XXI round of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

The committee made a decision about the unpleasant events. In the game Sabail – Qarabag 4 players received yellow cards, the guests were fined 700 manats. In the 66th minute of the match, Maksim Medvedev, who received a red card from the second yellow card, was suspended for 1 game and his club suffered a loss of 500 manats.

Baku club was fined 800 AZN for entering the pitch after the match between Sabah and Turan Tovuz. It was decided that Turan Tovuz club will cover the damage caused to the stadium due to 6 broken seats in the sector where the visiting fans are sitting.