Giorgi Papunashvili: "Whether it's Qarabag or Neftchi, the goal is to win and move on" - INTERVIEW

19 January 2024 11:09
Giorgi Papunashvili: "Whether it's Qarabag or Neftchi, the goal is to win and move on" - INTERVIEW

Kapaz football player Georgi Papunashvili gave an interview to the club's press service. reports that the Georgian football player spoke about his career, the Ganja club and the city.

- How did you adapt to Kapaz?

- I had positive impressions of the crew from day one. I received really sincere and friendly treatment from the coaches, other club members, and players. The team includes a Georgian national. He helped my process of adaptation. In Azerbaijan, Kapaz is a squad with a long history. I can say that this year's performance is not terrific, but we are still fighting and haven't given up. When our opponents try to obstruct our path and move in front of us, I strive to give it my all in the game. My squad and I want to win so we can move on, whether it's Qarabag or Neftchi.

- You used to play in Germany and Spain. How do you evaluate your visit to Azerbaijan?

- Players have good and bad moments in their careers. Of course, if you previously played in clubs like Werder and Zaragosa and after that you return to Georgia, Azerbaijan, people consider it as a career decline. But you still have to try to move forward. I think that the difficult days are behind us. You have to keep fighting, you have to work on it, you have to show yourself from the best side. You have to be patient, you have to wait for the time. At this moment, I want to express my gratitude to Kapaz. He brought me back to life, made me happy, made me smile. I'm here, I'm trying to show my best, I want to be useful to the team. I help my club to succeed. Also, I try to support our young players. Yes, I'm having a good time here right now.

- You have lived in big cities in Europe for many years, in a busy environment. Don't you miss Ganja?

- People of Ganja love football and Kapaz very much. I like that. And for me, living here... You know, I've only focused on games. I train every day. I only think about games. Although I live here alone, it is not a problem for me. My country is close to Ganja. My friend Mate doesn't let me get bored either. We spend time together. I hope my family will be able to come here soon. I don't feel alone. I have many friends here from both Azerbaijan and Georgia. Living somewhere alone is not a problem for me. Because I lived alone in Europe.

- What was the main reason for becoming a football player?

- I have been very interested in football since I was a child. My parents used to say that I used to sleep with a ball at night. Like everyone else, I played football in the street and from that age football had a great influence on my life. Sensing this, my parents supported me and wanted me to become a professional footballer when I grew up.

- What gives Papua strength?

- There have been many difficult moments in my career. But I never gave up, I never got discouraged. My principles have given me strength. At the moment, my main idea is to keep Kapaz in the Premier League. That's what motivates me. You just have to always think about moving forward. You must never give up. I'm sure my best days are yet to come. Nothing is over yet.

- The question that divides the world of football: Messi or Ronaldo?

- I admire Messi's talent and mastery and Ronaldo's human manners.