Six own goals - record from Sabah

31 December 2023 16:40
Six own goals - record from Sabah

6 own goals were recorded in the 2023/24 season of the Azerbaijan Premier League. reports that players of 4 teams scored on their own goal.

Sabah is a record holder in this indicator. The representative of the capital scored half of the own goals.

Two members of the Baku club - Boyan Letich and Ishak Belfodil were anti-heroes in the meeting with Araz-Nakhchivan and John Irasabal Neftchi.

Ilkin Kirtimov failed in Gabala, Numan Kurdich in Araz-Nakhchivan, Adi Mehremic in Sabail.

4 clubs rejoiced at the rival's goal. In the match between Araz-Nakhchivan and Sabail, two goals were scored each, and one match between Neftchi and Sumgayit.