Yuri Mathias: "Neftchi" has no fear

14 December 2023 14:18
Yuri Mathias: "Neftchi" has no fear

"What surprises me in the Azerbaijan Championship is that each team can take points from each other."

Idman.biz reports that this was said by the Brazilian football player of "Neftchi" Yuri Mathias.

He announced his views on the Azerbaijan derby at the press conference held today. The Brazilian defender said that they will try to beat "Qarabag", who they will meet in the XVII round: "We know that this game is very important for both the club and the fans. It is also very important for us. We know it will be difficult. "Neftchi" has no fear. We will try to play well and win. I will do my best."

The experienced specialist also spoke about his future in the "Whites and Blacks": "I have been loved in each of the clubs where I have worn the jersey. I adapt very quickly. I speak several languages and that helps me a lot. Currently, we have a captain of our team, I respect him a lot. I think leadership is my main attribute, even though I don't have the captaincy. If I stay at "Neftchi" for a few years, I can take on this position."

Matias clarified that his career in South Azerbaijan's "Tractor" club was not successful: "There, I was part of the team in only 4 games and appeared in 2. After that, the championship was suspended due to the corona virus. I couldn't even exercise. That is why I returned to Brazil. Then I left the club due to my situation. The championship in Iran was an additional experience for me. People have many similarities. Fans are similar. There are very strong clubs there and they can fight for the championship in Azerbaijan."

It should be noted that "Neftchi" will face "Qarabag" on December 18.

Emin Aga