Injury uptade on the "Neftchi" goalkeeper: "He will be sent home"

12 December 2023 15:54
Injury uptade on the "Neftchi" goalkeeper: "He will be sent home"

The latest condition of the visitors' goalkeeper Nuraziz Azizov, who was injured in the match between "Ulduz Mingechevir" and "Neftchi", held within the 15th round of the AFFA U-15 League, has been announced. reports that Shaik Zohrabli, the doctor of the "whites and blacks", said that the condition of the player who underwent surgery is moderately stable.
He said that Azizov is feeling well now. According to Zohrabli, the goalkeeper will be discharged home after several days of treatment.

It should be noted that in the 37th minute of the match, the goalkeeper of the "whites and blacks" collided with the attacker of the opposing team inside the penalty area. The player of "Neftchi" had to stop the game after receiving a hard blow in the abdominal cavity. The goalkeeper, whose pain worsened while returning to Baku, was admitted to Kurdamir Central Hospital. After examinations at the hospital, the football player was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen and underwent a successful operation.