“Susaki’s biggest threat at the World Cup - Maria Stadnik”

25 August 2023 13:11
“Susaki’s biggest threat at the World Cup - Maria Stadnik”

The United World Wrestling (UWW) assessed the strength of female wrestlers ahead of the world championships to be held in Belgrade on September 16-24.

According to İdman.biz, the portal of the world federation mentioned on its website Maria Stadnik, the leader of the Azerbaijan national team, who became the two-time world champion. UWW believes that the main favorite of this weight in Belgrade is our athlete who will compete with three-time world champion, Olympic winner Yui Susaki of Japan.

"Susaki is one of the most dominant wrestlers on the planet and she will be the favorite for the 50 kg World Championship. The 24-year-old Japanese is looking to win his fourth world championship. But perhaps her biggest threat will be four-time Olympic medalist Maria Stadnik or last year’s World Cup winners Otgonjargal Dolgozhav (Mongolia), Anna Lukasiak (Poland) and Sarah Hildebrandt (USA), UWW noted.

Nijat Zakiyev