Paris Road: Only Maria Stadnik - UPDATED

10 May 2024 16:34
Paris Road: Only Maria Stadnik - UPDATED

The World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for wrestling held in Istanbul, Turkiye continues. reports that on the second day of the competition, women wrestlers started fighting.

5 members of the Azerbaijan national team will also appear on the carpet. The leader of the women's national team, Maria Stadnik, who has not yet qualified for Paris-2024, reached the semi-finals by winning two victories. She will compete in the second half of the day to qualify for the Olympics. The Azerbaijani athletes' competitors were also defeated in the next stages, so they lost the chance to qualify.

50 kg
Maria Stadnik, a four-time Olympic medalist in women's wrestling, started the competition from the 1/8 finals. In her first match, she defeated Meng Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) with full advantage (11:0) and qualified for the 1/4 finals. Stadnik recorded this stage with full advantage (11:0). She qualified for the semi-finals by defeating Violetta Chirik (INA). She will face Kim Son-hyang, the representative of the DPRK, in the match for the ticket to the French capital.

53 kg
Gultekin Shirinova, who entered the mat in the qualifying round, faced Laura Avila (Cuba). The match ended with the victory of the opponent with a score of 18:8.

57 kg
Alyona Kolesnik's opponent in the qualifying round was Ramona Galambos (Hungary). He was upset by the 1:4 defeat at the start.

62 kg
Ruzanna Mammadova, who started the competition from the qualification stage, wrestled with Anastasia Grigoryeva (Latvia). She won and advanced to the 1/8 finals. However, Mammadova lost to Chinese Jia Long at this stage with a score of 1:7.

68 kg
Elis Manolova lost to Nicole Parrado (Colombia) by 2:10 in the qualifying round.

It should be noted that the Azerbaijani national team won 6 licenses in freestyle wrestling and 5 licenses in Greco-Roman wrestling for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games.