Hasrat Jafarov: "The next thing I knew was..." - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

22 February 2024 11:46
Hasrat Jafarov: "The next thing I knew was..." - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

Interview of Azerbaijani National Greco-Roman wrestler Hasrat Jafarov (67 kg) to Idman.biz website

- You officially won the European championship in Romania for the second time. What did you feel this time?

- The European Championship is over. Thank goodness I won the gold medal. I have no especial feelings.

- The race has been over for a few days. Do you think that being the strongest in the continent for the second time at the age of 21 will create confidence or additional motivation?

- It was historic. I will try to look ahead and achieve new successes.

- Can we say with certainty that your weight is number 1 in Europe at the moment?

- I never go to any competition flauntingly. Because this feeling can cause defeat.

- After the final match, your coach Hasan Aliyev celebrated your moment of joy by a hip toss. Did you plan it in advance or did it happen by accident?

- No, we didn't plan it. The next thing I saw that I was in the air (laughs). Then everyone congratulated me. My family, my teachers, my friends. Of course, other people's congratulations also made me happy. When I or my teammates win a medal, we are very happy when people share about us. The fact that they follow each of us creates a very pleasant impression.

- Eldaniz Azizli, Murad Mammadov and many of your teammates expect a gold medal from you at the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games. Could it have a bad effect psychologically?

- I never speak before the competition. I will try to train as much as I can before the Olympic Games so that I can live up to the trust placed in me.

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