Lunev's agent: "It is easier for Andrey to be in Baku than Leverkusen"

11 October 2023 10:17
Lunev's agent: "It is easier for Andrey to be in Baku than Leverkusen"

According to Anton Smirnov, the agent representing the interests of "Qarabag" goalkeeper Andrey Lunev, said that the player quickly adapted to the new team thanks to communication in Russian.

"Is Andrey satisfied with everything in Azerbaijan?" Baku is a very developed and beautiful city, it has a magnificent coast and amazing cuisine. Everything is there for comfortable living. Many buildings are being built in the city, including luxury residential apartments like Russia's "Moscow City".

It is easier for Andrey to be in Baku than Leverkusen. It is the main language. He can speak Russian easily. Everyone understands him: coaching staff, players. It is very comfortable in the team to communicate in your native language, not in German or English. This makes it easy to adapt.

Which team member does Andrey communicate with the most? He has a good relationship with everyone. As usual, he probably has a lot of communication with the goalkeepers. They spend more time in training and work together. At the base, Andrey lives in a room with the goalkeeper Amin Ramazanov, a student of Lokomotiv Moscow" Legalbet quotes Smirnov as saying.

It should be noted that Lunev was a three-time Russian Champion as part of "Zenit" of St. Petersburg. The goalkeeper moved to "Bayer Leverkusen" in the summer of 2021 and signed a two-year contract with the club. The Russian goalkeeper has participated in only three games for the German club in all tournaments. This summer, Lunev left "Bayer" as a free agent and signed a contract with "Qarabag".