Dadash Dadashbayli: "No need to underrate my World Cup success" - INTERVIEW

12 April 2024 11:41
Dadash Dadashbayli: "No need to underrate my World Cup success" - INTERVIEW

Azerbaijan national weightlifter Dadash Dadashbeyli (109 kg) interview to website

- You finished the World Cup held in Phuket, Thailand with 3 silver medals. How would you interpret your performance?

- I am over the moon. For the first time in my career, I won 3 silver medals at the World Cup. I tried my best to achieve this result. After a heavy operation and back-to-back competitions, it was very difficult to participate in this tournament. I came as much as I could.

- Who would you distinguish from your main competitors in the competition?

- My main opponent was Olympia, world and Asian champion Akbar Djuraev. My main fight was against the Uzbek.

- What prevented you from winning the cup and the gold medal?

- Unlike Djuraev, I participated in all the competitions this year for a license to the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games. I have an injury. But no need to underrate today's success.

- Then do you consider your speech satisfactory?

- Suddenly I performed normally in the lifting movement, I lifted 181 kg. As a result of the movement of my arm, they did not count it. If they counted, my score would be better. Actually, they could have recorded it, there was a slight error. I overcame 211 kg in push-ups. I didn't want to lift more than that due to injury. I had pain.

- You said that you will compete in the heavyweight division. But you didn't change your old weight...

- Yes, I said that I will participate in heavyweight. It's just that I couldn't train because of my injuries, I couldn't fully adapt to the competition. For this, I was forced to fight at my own weight again. I think that I could have achieved this result if I had performed at +109 kg.

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