Ayshan Abdulazimova: "All this was not easy at all" - INTERVIEW

18 April 2024 17:20
Ayshan Abdulazimova: "All this was not easy at all" - INTERVIEW

Azerbaijan national volleyball player Ayshan Abdulazimova’s interview to Idman.biz

- You became the champion of Hungary again with Vasas. How would you interpret your victory?

- This year we have reached our goals, we won the Hungarian championship and the cup again. We repeated our success last year and wrote a new history. I think that our performance in the European Cup was also good, by passing the group stage, we signed a first in the history of Hungarian volleyball. Of course, all this was not easy, we faced certain difficulties and injuries. Nevertheless, we tried our best to fulfill all the tasks of the coach. Thank you very much, we have achieved our goal. This is already my fourth championship with Vasas. We also won the cup for the fourth time. I am very happy for that.

- What is your next plan?

- I have already finished the club season. I have injuries from last year. I started training with the club right after the European Championship, and my injury affected my game to some extent throughout the season. I tried to play better with the help of doctors. Now I'm going to rest for a while and then get back to treating my injuries.

- Are you watching the Azerbaijan championship in Hungary?

- I watched when I had free time.

- Who do you think can be the champion?

- Compared to previous years, this year our league is stronger and more interesting. I also watch the playoffs as often as I can. Frankly, it is not clear which team will be the champion, every team has a great chance.

- You have been playing in the Vasas team for 4 seasons. Thinking of upping your contract again?

- I haven't made a clear decision about it. However, negotiations are underway.

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