Azerbaijani national volleyball player: "This is not a computer game"

3 January 2024 18:08
Azerbaijani national volleyball player: "This is not a computer game"

"The coach told me in advance that he doesn't like the players not taking the initiative. This is not a computer game where the coach can control everything as he wants." reports that this was said by Kristina Besman, volleyball player of Azerbaijan national team and Russian "Yenisei".

The 28-year-old ball distributor expressed his opinion about the head coach of the Krasnoyarsk national team, Slobodan Radivoyevich, to the Russian press: "From the very beginning, he made the players feel that they should not be silent. For example, if I cannot determine who I should pass the ball to in a certain situation, I should tell the coach so that he can take responsibility. situations are possible during breaks in tense moments of games. Although I've never asked yet, I deal with it myself. If it doesn't work once or twice, I look for a solution. Our head coach constantly monitors the game and immediately takes a break as soon as he sees that we need to calm down ".

It should be noted that "Yenisei" is ranked 8th in the tournament table of the Russian championship and claims a place in the playoffs.