"White befits girls" – PHOTO

1 December 2023 18:46
"White befits girls" – PHOTO

Azerbaijan has become one of the sports centers of the world in recent years. Of course, this is not a reason. The state care given to sports in Azerbaijan and the strengthening of its material and technical base have drawn the attention of international federations to Azerbaijan. Odlar Yurdu has successfully hosted European and World Championships of various types, in addition to competitions such as the 1st European Games, 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, Chess Olympiad, Formula 1 Grand Prix. In addition to the Baku, international tournaments of various levels have been organized in the regions. Competitions were held with the participation of several countries in Shusha and Sugovushan, which were freed from occupation.

As in the various regions of Azerbaijan, a wonderful sports infrastructure has been created in Gabala for teenagers and young people to spend their free time productively. Modern sports facilities have been put at the disposal of the people of the region. Examples of them include the Olympic Sports Complex, the Jidir Complex, the Shooting Center, the base and stadium of the "Gabala" Football and Sports Club.

Rail Ismayilov, the chief judo coach of "Gabala" Sports Club, told Idman.biz that the massification and development of sports in the region, especially the increase in the number of female athletes, is observed. According to him, Gabala is considered one of the leaders among the regions: "Since 2013, the "Gabala" Sports Club has been operating. Taekwondo, judo, boxing, karate, freestyle wrestling, and MMA divisions operate in the club. Among our representatives there are winners of Azerbaijani and European champions, international tournaments among youth, teenagers, and adults. About 500 young people train in the club every day."

The judo specialist said that the activity of sports clubs in all regions is one of the important factors in order to attract more young people to sports: "Together with Elman Karimov, we also work in sections in the villages of Gamarvan, Amirvan and Laza. One of our future plans is to increase the number of sports clubs in our region. We hold seminars to arouse interest in sports in schools."

He attributed the small number of female athletes in the divisions to the mentality: "Most parents think that girls should start a family after they grow up. But not only boys, but also girls should be attracted in sports. In this regard, the project of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation "White befits girls" came into place. That project had a strong impact on the sports field. If there are more projects like this, our society will be more enlightened."

Sama Jalilova