Vugar Karamov: "I believe in myself , I will defeat Suzuki"

2 November 2023 13:39
Vugar Karamov: "I believe in myself , I will defeat Suzuki"

"We have been preparing for this tournament for three months now. I just need to lose weight and will be ready tomorrow." reports that this was said by Vugar Karamov at the press conference today regarding the Landmark 7 MMA tournament of Japan's Rizin Federation, which will be held on November 4 at the National Gymnastics Arena.

He evaluated the upcoming fight with Chihiro Suzuki, representative of Japan. Karimov said that he believe himself at the meeting: "Our work schedule has not changed, we train every day in the morning and in the evening, we don't go to the gym only on Sunday. I believe myself and I will win on November 4. I fought in Azerbaijan 10 years ago, and after such a long time, I will compete again in my homeland. I will make every effort to win. After all, this is a double responsibility."

The fighter said that he had no aggression towards the opponent: "This is a sport - it is important to be calm. Of course, I would like to win at the end of the fight. Azerbaijan's hosting of this tournament is a great advantage for the development of MMA in the country, the interest of the young generation will increase. It's also a test for me, my opponent is in the top 12-13 in the world. Beating him is an important step for my career. As for future plans, if I leave here, it will only be for the UFC."

It should be noted that the main fight of the night will take place between Vugar Karamov and Japanese Chihiro Suzuki.

Shabnam Rahimova