Mahammad Mirzayev: "My goal is to win in the Olympic Games"

18 November 2023 19:29
Mahammad Mirzayev: "My goal is to win in the Olympic Games"

"It was a very difficult race. Although I was 17 years old, the opponents were much stronger than me both in terms of age and experience." reports that this was said by Mahammad Musayev (60 kg), a member of the Azerbaijan national team who won a bronze medal at the U-23 European Judo Championship.

Muhammad defeated Alexander Matei (Romania) in the match for bronze. Musayev said that he has a chance to get a better result. He called the bronze medal a success: "I am very happy to have won the bronze medal. My most difficult match was against Ukrainian Nazar Vyskov in the semi-finals. After the cadets, I performed in the European Championship among 23-year-old wrestlers, not young people. My experience and strength were not enough to defeat my Ukrainian opponent. I made the wrong attack and got countered. The fact that the opponent won the gold medal proves his strength. I will try to achieve more successful results in future competitions. My goal is to win the Olympic Games."

It should be noted that Aydin Rzayev (66 kg), Nariman Mirzayev (73 kg) and Aydan Valiyeva (52 kg) completed the U-23 European Championship with a bronze medal.

Emin Aga