Azerbaijan’s first World Champion: "There’s not only Hidayat behind the victory"

22 May 2024 16:14
Azerbaijan’s first World Champion: "There’s not only Hidayat behind the victory"

"We are all happy about Hidayat Heydarov's title".

Elkhan Mammadov, a former judoka of the Azerbaijan national team, told

He appreciated Hidayat Heydarov's (73 kg) gold medal win at the world championship held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Until this competition, the only world champion in judo of Azerbaijan said that the victory is an indicator of a great work: "The whole judo family is happy for Hidayat's victory. It is a great success that he sang the national anthem of Azerbaijan after 11 years. If I was the first world champion, if Hidayat managed to do it after 11 years, this is an indication of how dramatic and tense the world championships are. That is, the world championship is not an ordinary competition. It is a great success to achieve results in the Olympic and World Championships. Two athletes from the leading countries in one weight can participate in the World Cup. This leads to increased competition. Victory is an example of a great work. Of course, Hidayat is not the only one behind the championship, the result is the suffering of a great team."

He said that he believed in Hidayat Heydarov to win from the beginning: "His form in the last year was a clear proof of everything. When I talked to him, he told me that this year I will become European, world and Olympic champion. Happily, he achieved both of his wishes. Only the Olympic championship remains. We believe that Hidayat will win a gold medal at the Olympics. It's true, anything can happen in judo, every second has its own verdict. In the world championship, Hidayat lost to his Japanese opponent by wazari, but in the last 10 seconds, he changed the fate of the fight. Judo does not like mistakes. You must always be responsible and prepared for it. Our wish for Hidayat is that he wins the Olympic gold. We hope that everything will be fine and Hidayat will return home with a gold medal from Paris."
It should be noted that Heydarov defeated the Japanese Tatsuki Ishihara in the final.

Banuchichek Huseynli