Rashad Mammadov: "We will have to make a choice before the Olympics"

21 May 2024 14:17
Rashad Mammadov: "We will have to make a choice before the Olympics"

"We have ensured Azerbaijan's representation in the Olympics in two weights."

Rashad Mammadov, head coach of the Azerbaijan national team of female judokas, told Idman.biz.

He said that the team had to perform on a tight schedule in recent months: "If we had more time for preparation, we could have performed better. For example, Leyla Aliyeva (48 kg) did not train as much as throwing weights and going from competition to competition. He participated in two Grand Slam tournaments, the European and World Championships in the last month. Leyla had not enough time to recover."

The head coach also emphasized that Aliyeva has obtained a license for Paris-2024, but the situation is different in the 52 kg weight class, where the continental quota was won: "We will determine the athlete who will go to Paris by choosing between Gultaj Mammadaliyeva and Aydan Valiyeva. Both athletes have collected license points.

The expert also noted that Acelya Toprak (57 kg) did not qualify for the Olympics: "Despite passing two stages in the World Championship, Acelya's result was not enough to win a continental vacancy. Until the last moment, the continental quota for which he was a candidate was transferred to another category.
Mammadov also touched on the team's preparation plan. He said that our national team will start gathering in Baku as soon as it returns from the World Cup.

Zaki Feyzullayev