Hidayat Heydarov becomes the World Champion - PHOTO - VIDEO

20 May 2024 20:24
Hidayat Heydarov becomes the World Champion - PHOTO - VIDEO

The World Judo Championship in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, continues.

Idman.biz's special correspondent sent to Abu Dhabi reports that on the second day of the competition, winners of three more weight categories were announced.

Male judokas fought in 66 kg and 73 kg weights. Women have determined the strongest at 57 kg. 4 judokas of the Azerbaijan national team went to the tatami. Among them, Hidayat Heydarov won a gold medal at the World Championship.

66 kg
Yashar Najafov, who started the competition from the second round, wrestled Baul An (South Korea) at the start and lost.

Kamran Suleymanov lost to Mohamed Abdelmawgoud (Egypt) in his first match.

73 kg
Hidayat Heydarov, the leader of our national team, started the fight from the second stage. Azerbaijan's four-time European champion, who defeated Akil Gjakova (Kosovo), clarified his relationship with Salvador Rocha (Spain) in the 1/8 finals. He won his next victory and advanced to the quarter-finals. The Azerbaijani judoka, who won against Daniel Kargin (Brazil), made it to the semi-finals. Hidayat, who defeated Igor Wandtke (Germany) in one step of the final, qualified for the decisive match. His opponent in the match for the title was Tatsuki Ishihara (Japan). Hidayat, who was behind by Vazzari's score, won the title of world champion by using the ippon 10 seconds before the end.

57 kg

Acelya Toprak won the first round against Bakyt Kussakbayeva (Kazakhstan), followed by Telma Monteiro (Portugal). She lost to Mimi Huha (South Korea) in the 1/8 finals.

It should be noted that on the first day of the competition, 3 of our judokas left the World Cup without a medal.

Zaki Feyzullayev