European Championship: Balabay Aghayev wins silver, 2 Azerbaijani judokas takes 5th place

26 April 2024 09:21
European Championship: Balabay Aghayev wins silver, 2 Azerbaijani judokas takes 5th place

The European Judo Championship has started today. reports that on the first day of the competition organized in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the winners of 5 weights were determined.

7 judokas of the Azerbaijan national team stepped on the tatami. Although 3 of them were lucky enough to win medals for medals, only Balabay Aghayev was among the prize winners.

60 kg

Turan Bayramov defeated Vache Adamyan (Austria), followed by Luis Barros (Spain). He faced his teammate Balabay Aghayev, who knocked out Angelo Pantano (Italy) in the quarter-finals. Aghayev won the duel. Having won over Cedric Revo (France) in the semi-final, Balabay will face Francisco Garrigos (Spain) in the final. Aghayev was defeated in a match with the world and two-time European champion.
Bayramov defeated Ramazan Abdullayev (INA) in the consolation match and faced Salih Yıldız (Turkiye) for the bronze medal. Due to performing a trick that would have hurt his opponent, Turan was given an early defeat.

66 kg
Yashar Najafov also started the competition from the second stage. The judoka who wrestled with Muhammed Demirel (Turkiye) was saddened by the defeat.

48 kg

Leyla Aliyeva lost to Tugce Beder (Turkiye) in her first match.

52 kg
Aydan Valiyeva overcame Gefen Primo (Israel) in the 1/8 finals, but was defeated by Ariane Toro Loler (Spain).
Valiyeva, who defeated Ana Puljiz (Croatia) in the consolation match, was defeated by Reka Pupp (Hungary) for the 3rd place.
Gultaj Mammadaliyeva, who was released from the first stage, lost to Sofia Asvesta (Cyprus) and said goodbye to the competition.

57 kg
Acelya Toprak defeated Carla Tavares Fernandez (Luxembourg) at the start. However, she did not succeed in the 1/8 finals with Darya Bilodid (Ukraine).
It should be noted that the Azerbaijani national team went to the championship with 13 judokas.