Darja Varfolomeev: "This is my third performance in Baku, the arena is very beautiful" – INTERVIEW

19 April 2024 16:47
Darja Varfolomeev: "This is my third performance in Baku, the arena is very beautiful" – INTERVIEW

World Champion Darja Varfolomeev is one of the stars of the rhythmic gymnastics World Cup, which started in Baku.

Idman.biz reports that the athlete, who took the lead in the tournament table from the start of the competition, answered the journalists' questions.

- How was your first speech received?

- There is always a lot of stress on the first day of the competition. But I did well with hoops, I would say better than good. I never expected to be able to speak with such confidence. I have a perfect composition with the ball. But before I was a little cautious. But later I recovered and finished the second half of the speech. I got through without a loss, but it could have been better.

- What can be expected from your actions with clubs and ribbons?

- My composition with maces is new. However, this year I have already performed with him 5 times. And with the tape, it's my previous speech. I demonstrated the same in Baku last year.

- How did you feel when you returned to Azerbaijan?

- I am here for the third time. I like the hall very much, there is a lot of space for training and warm-up exercises. The arena is very nice, I like the light, especially good for broadcasting.

- If we talk about the German national team, how big is the internal competition in the team?

- On the contrary, we support each other more, we are happy for successes. There are three of us here and we hope to make it to the finals. However, two athletes from each country can perform in the final stage.

- Given that you won the license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games two years ago, are you now preparing for the French capital with an individual program?

- Preparation is in full swing. It was good that I secured my place in these Olympic Games beforehand, from the first license race. Therefore, I have time to be ready for the Olympics in my best form.

- How do you assess the level of competition in Baku?

- I usually focus only on myself in competitions, I don't look at who is performing and how. Of course, I see the gymnasts coming, but I make notes about myself. In general, it is interesting to watch the progress of the fight, let's see how the others will perform.

Zaki Feyzullayev