Head coach of the national team: "Azerbaijan championship is a test before the World Cup"

15 February 2024 13:56
Head coach of the national team: "Azerbaijan championship is a test before the World Cup"

"Open Azerbaijan championship and Baku championship are preparatory competitions".

This was told to Idman.biz by Vladimir Shulikin, head coach of the Azerbaijan national trampoline team.

He expressed his opinion about the open country championship organized in Baku: "There will be a European championship in April. Azerbaijan national team will now show its new combinations. For the senior team, these tournaments are a test before the World Cup, which will be held on February 23-25. This competition will be a qualifier for the Olympics. Our athletes will try to get a license. We will check their readiness. In general, we will try all junior teams. We have time, we will prepare for the European Championship among adults and juniors to be held in Portugal in April."

The head coach said that it is planned to organize an international tournament in our country next year: "These competitions are open. Guests came from Latvia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Georgia. It is very pleasant. We are holding such an open championship that we may organize an international tournament next year. I hope that athletes from more countries will come to Baku at that time. This is a small rehearsal of that race. The guests are satisfied and the competition is going well. I hope that Azerbaijani athletes will show good and worthy results."

The coach of the national team also shared his thoughts about the upcoming world championship: "The world cup will start next week. 4 gymnasts will perform in the adult competition in tumbling. Our world champion is among them. I can say one hundred percent that we will claim 1-2 places. Seljan Mahsudova, a candidate for a license, will represent our country in trampoline gymnastics. His training is going well. We believe that he will cope with this task. In addition, 3 boys from juniors to seniors will participate in the world cup for the first time. They have their own tasks to overcome their combinations. The transition from youth to adulthood is always difficult. We hope they can do it. Since the World Cup has the character of Olympic qualification, all the strong will participate in the competition. Olympic, world and European champions will come. It will have a very strong composition. I invite everyone to come to the competition and support the athletes, especially Seljan. It will be pleasant and easy for them to perform in front of the support."

It should be noted that the competition, which started today at the Baku Olympic Sports Complex, will end tomorrow. Up to 110 athletes compete in the championships.
In the competition, Ojag Sport Club, representatives of the Baku Gymnastics School (Specialized Olympic Reserves Children and Youth Gymnastics School, members of the national trampoline gymnastics team of Kazakhstan, Latvia, Slovenia and Georgia, as well as gymnasts of the Shevardeni and Batumi clubs (Georgia) will also join.

Banuchichek Huseynli