Sutthiragsa: "It's a great experience to gather in Baku" - INTERVIEW

13 February 2024 14:40
Sutthiragsa: "It's a great experience to gather in Baku" - INTERVIEW

Sikharee Sutthiragsa, a member of the national rhythmic gymnastics team of Thailand, a representative of the Bangkok Gymnastics Club, gave an interview to the press service of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation. reports that she evaluated the meetings at the National Gymnastics Arena and expressed her opinion about the Azerbaijan national team.

- ⁠How are the trainings at the National Gymnastics Arena?

- ⁠A high level of circumstances exists here. The convenience of our transportation to and from the cafeteria is the primary benefit. This is where I'm at a training camp. It's a really interesting experience. I will get a lot of knowledge here.

- What kind of exercises do you do here?

- ⁠We are working on my new speech. I also have ballet and dance lessons.

- What competitions are waiting for you?

- I am preparing for the World Cup to be held in Baku.

- What is your favorite tool?

- ⁠Mine is tape.

- What is your biggest dream?

- I hope that I will not be able to participate in the Dubna Championship or other large-scale competitions.

- What does being a gymnast mean to you?

- ⁠A gymnast is a person with a highly respected sports career. Gymnastics is truly a graceful sport.