Goalkeeper of the national team: "I did not come empty-handed from Kazakhstan" - INTERVİEW

1 October 2023 14:48
Goalkeeper of the national team: "I did not come empty-handed from Kazakhstan" - INTERVİEW

The player of the Azerbaijani national team and the Kazakh club Atyrau gave an interview to the press service of the Futsal Federation.

Idman.biz reports that the goalkeeper, who has arrived in Baku for the national team's training camp, has evaluated his match at the club and has spoken about his opponent at the 2024 World Cup.

- The new season in Kazakhstan started last week. How did Atyrau start the championship?

- We started extremely good. We played 2 games at native stadium. We won the first match against Astana 4:3 and the next match with a score of 1:0. We are currently in one of the first two steps with 6 points.

- Do you think there are teams that can compete with Kayrat this season?

- Compared to last year, there are many strong teams this season. Besides "Ayat", we can add "Atyrau", "Aktobe" and "Semey". Each participant is strong enough to compete with any team.

- In a few days, our national team will have 2 important matches with Kazakhstan in the elite round of the 2024 World Cup. What do you think about games as someone who knows them better?

- We know the head coach of the Kazakh national team Kaka well. We know what style of play and tactical moves he prefers. The pre-match chances are equal: 50 to 50. There are futsal players in our staff who can change the game. We are already playing under the guidance of a new head coach. His game philosophy, thinking and requirements are different. This difference can confuse the opponent.

- What are the strength parts of opponent's?

- They play in a more competitive championship. It is true that only Leo plays in the Brazilian championship, but the Kazakh championship is one of the leagues of Europe today. The teams are strong enough to compete with each other. This allows players to be more prepared. The situation is a bit different in our country. We will try to eliminate this difference during the gathering.

- What will be the main task?

- Certainly, during the game in Baku, we must take advantage of the native field factor and leave with maximum points. Because the results of the two games we will play with them will clarify 80 percent of the questions about the group. The second game will be on the opponent's stadium, this time they will try to make the most of it. In addition, we may have road fatigue as we travel. In addition, after the first game, both teams will get to know each other better. They are also seriously preparing for the game. It is no coincidence that the gathering started earlier.

- After an unexpected defeat to Romania, we defeated the Netherlands by a large margin. Can we expect this chart to continue on a growing line?

- I think it will be so. Before the game with Romania, we had little training as a team. After March, the team almost did not gather. Therefore, there was a misunderstanding. Standard situations are important in futsal. To do this properly, you have to train more and play in one place. Also, the cover of the hall in Romania did not allow to play intensive, fast. The agreement was better in the match against the Netherlands. We knew what the new head coach wanted.

- Did you bring any "secrets" from Kazakhstan for the head coach?

- (Laughs) I did not come empty-handed. I have certain notes. But we have not met with the head coach yet. We will talk about the gathering time.