Gurban Gurbanov: "My coaching thoughts were created in Voronezh" - VIDEO

13 April 2024 14:15
Gurban Gurbanov: "My coaching thoughts were created in Voronezh" - VIDEO

"My coaching thoughts were created in Voronezh. Maybe that desire helped me to be in this field." reports that this was said by the head coach of Qarabag Gurban Gurbanov in an interview with PFL's youtube channel.

The specialist, who celebrated his 52nd birthday today, talked about his career. As a manager, he recalled the unforgettable memories at Fakel: "When I scored my first goals in Voronezh, I won the love of the fans. When I went to the city, everyone knew me. Everyone treated me very well. Voronezh is a football city. It is one of the most active cities in Russia. I have had many successful games since I went there. And so it went on. We worked together as the head coach. We were in the same room with Valeri Shmarov. He was good to everyone but had a special attitude to me. He valued business people.

Gurbanov remembers his first game in Voronezh very well. He said that this club played a big role in his coaching career: "I was injured before my first game. Georgievich asked if you could play? I said, 'I'm ready.' I didn't even score the penalty. I scored the 3rd, 4th goal. My first year in Russia was more memorable I felt that every football player had a goal at that time. I was lucky to play in the Russian Premier League. Even when I was in Voronezh I thought about coaching. I started writing some exercises there. This desire helped me become a coach."

It should be noted that after finishing his football career, Gurban Gurbanov started working as a sports director at Inter in 2005. The specialist was the head coach of Neftchi in 2006-07. Gurbanov's biggest historical successes are related to Qarabag, which he led since the summer of 2008. Under his leadership, the Aghdam club won the title of Azerbaijan champion 10 times and the national cup 5 times.