Azerbaijan is in Europe's Top-11 - ANALYSIS

23 February 2024 17:47
Azerbaijan is in Europe's Top-11 - ANALYSIS

Following the conclusion of the Europa League and Conference League playoffs, the full composition of the European Cup 1/8 finals has been determined.

According to, 48 clubs are still competing for the trophy in three tournaments, including the Champions League, where the opening games of this stage have already ended.

In the season where 54 of the 55 countries that are members of UEFA participated, representatives of only 19 associations are defending their claim to the cups. For 35 countries, the season has already ended.

Azerbaijan is also in the "19th" which continues its way. Our country is represented by Qarabag in the Europa League.

Eight of these 19 nations are hopeful of the third-tier tournament, the Conference League. The number of representatives in the two strongest tournaments of the continent is 11. Azerbaijan is also in the "Top-11" among the participants of these well-established tournaments. There are only 8 teams left in the Champions League.
In the Champions League, representatives of Spain dominate - 4 clubs. 7 Italian clubs, all of whose teams are on their way, are fighting for trophies. Only three countries - Italy, England and France - maintain their claim to the trophy in all three tournaments.

Vugar Kheyrullayev