FIDE Candidates 2024: Pairings – CALENDAR

4 March 2024 15:23
FIDE Candidates 2024: Pairings – CALENDAR

The time of Nijat Abasov's games has been confirmed

The draw of the Candidates Chess Tournament has been made. reports that FIDE announced the tournament calendar based on the results of the draw.

Azerbaijani chess player Nijat Abasov will start the tournament in Toronto, Canada with white pieces. His first opponent will be Jan Nepomnyashi.

April 4. 1st round. Nijat Abasov – Ian Nepomniachtchi
April 5. 2nd round. Fabiano Caruana - Nijat Abasov
April 6. 3rd round. Nijat Abasov – Hikaru Nakamura
April 7. 4th round. Nijat Abasov – Alireza Firouzja,
April 9. 5th round. Dommaradju Gukesh - Nijat Abasov
April 10. 6th round. Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa – Nijat Abasov
April 11. 7th round. Nijat Abasov - Vidit Santosh Gujrati
April 13. 8th round. Ian Nepomnyashi - Nijat Abasov
April 14. 9th round. Nijat Abasov – Fabiano Caruana
April 15. 10th round. Hikaru Nakamura - Nijat Abasov
April 17. 11th round. Alireza Firouzja - Nijat Abasov
April 18. 12th round. Nijat Abasov - Dommaradju Gukesh
April 20. 13th round. Vidit Santosh Gujrathi - Nijat Abasov
April 21. 14th round. Nijat Abasov - Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa

It should be noted that the opening ceremony of the competition will be held on April 3, and the closing ceremony will be held on April 22.