Joshgun Diniyev: "Not gonna lie, I don't watch the Azerbaijan championship" - INTERVIEW

6 February 2024 11:32
Joshgun Diniyev: "Not gonna lie, I don't watch the Azerbaijan championship" - INTERVIEW

Interview of Coshgun Diniyev to, a football player of the Azerbaijan national team and Turkiye's Umraniyespor.

- How are things going at Umraniyespor?

- Everything is fine and continues in order. The second period has just begun. Intense and interesting games await us ahead.

- Information was spread about financial problems in your team. Has this issue been resolved or are you still having issues?

- Yes, every team has difficulties in certain months. But I am far from such problems because I have signed a comprehensive contract thanks to my Turkish agent.

- Umraniyespor is ranked 11th with 24 points after 21 rounds. What prevents you from settling on a higher place?

- Believe me, it is a very difficult championship. All the clubs are very close to each other as any team can win any result every week. However, we believe that we will finish the season on a high level.

- Along with you, several Azerbaijani football players also play in the I league in Turkiye. Do you get a chance to meet them?

- No, such an opportunity has not been seized yet. Since we live in different cities, it's a bit difficult to meet.

- Are you watching the Azerbaijan championship? How does it look from the outside?

- Not going to lie, I don't watch it. However, I watch Sabail's games as much as possible. If I don't have time, I definitely follow the review.

- You stated that you only watch Sabail's games. What place do you think they will be able to take in the Premier League?

- I hope that they will be placed in one of the ranks that give place to the Europe Cup.

- Even if you don't watch the games, you probably know about the tournament table. Can you say which team performed worse than you expected in the Azerbaijan championship?

- In terms of ranking, Gabala is not where expected. I believe he will stand up. Because Gabala was our team that did important work for Azerbaijan.

- Which team's performance would you rate as a surprise?

- I think Sumgayit. Because this team surprises not only me, but many people with its results. They play well.

- You played against Galatasaray, which you have been a fan of since childhood. I wonder if you changed your jersey with any football player after the Turkish cup match?

- I have never asked anyone for a uniform. Because suddenly that person will answer "no" and I will feel bad. However, as a Galatasaray fan for 22-23 years, I could not miss this opportunity. That's why we changed forms with Ndombele. Thankfully, he took it well.

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