Aslan Karimov: "Qarabag’s chance against Braga is not very high"

18 December 2023 17:30
Aslan Karimov: "Qarabag’s chance against Braga is not very high"

The supporters considered Young Boys as the most appropriate competitor. I also wished for their defeat.

Veteran football player Aslan Karimov told while evaluating the draw of the play-off stage in the European League.

He described the Portuguese "Braga" club, which is a rival of "Qarabag", as one of the strongest in the 1/16 final stage of the European League: "Portuguese clubs, which are full of young talents, have always been strong. At the moment, "Braga" is in excellent form. He fought with teams like "Real" and "Napoli" in the Champions League. We are talking about a club that managed to surpass the German representative "Union Berlin". Maybe if there were other clubs in their group, they would continue their way in the Champions League. "I think that " Qarabag " has very little chance in this game."

According to Karimov, the winter break can play a decisive role in the couple's fate: "One can only hope for one thing, teams like "Braga" usually sell their strong players during the winter break. Still, I'm not sure if they'll do it. Their main policy is to train and sell players and earn money."

A former member of the Azerbaijan national team believes that " Qarabag " should make transfers to all positions to overcome "Baraga": "One of the most important positions is central defense. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the "Braga" dam will be breached. You need a name like Kevin Medina. Bahlul Mustafazade is not bad, and Badavi Huseynov has not recovered his form after the injury. The striker is also important. Although Juninho Olavio scored goals, he did nothing in the matches against Bayer Leverkusen, the most serious opponent we have ever played. "Qarabag" needs at least a central defender and playmaker.

It should be noted that " Qarabag " will play the first game against "Braga" on February 15. The return match will be on the 22nd of the month.

Emin Aga